Three times in two days…

Traveler yesterday, then my husband, and traveler again this am!!! Lucky lucky girl! ;)

Reaction by BigCock after he read my latest entry…..

I want TWO!

The power of this blog is insane.  I created it two years ago for my husband and now I have requests to write about men, so they can read about themselves with me.  

I don’t share thing blog in real life with anyone.  However, a few times I have because I met through this or it was someone who really gets off listening to my sexual fun…. two of these such men have been asking when I was going to write about them.  I can’t decide who to pick first, so I am going to write about both of them.  

Mr. Wisconsin has met me a few times normally on my turf which makes me nervous because I am paranoid about someone seeing me with another man.  He probably thinks I am a spaz due to the fact of how nervous I was.  He however it didn’t phase him and we had a great time.  
The last time we met we did it away from home, so it made it a little less nerve wreaking.  He always makes me so hot and this time was no exception.  I met him and couldn’t wait to get to the hotel.  All I could think about was his big thick cock and how bad I wanted it inside me.  

After a bit of a drive and checking in he was soon kissing me and I was reaching for that cock and began to suck it.   It was way bigger than I remembered.  It was impossible to get it all the way down my throat.  Knowing I love having video of the fun he started shooting me sucking his massive throbbing cock.  Using his hand to pull my head closer and getting his cock deeper.  It made me so wet with anticipation of him fucking me later.

I could suck cock almost all day and night, but eventually I like to feel fingers and a big cock inside me….Soon he was wrapping that cock before sliding so deep into my wet dripping shaved pussy.  It feels so good to be filled with a thick cock.  Then he starts in telling me how hot it would be to watch me with another cock there as well.  My god I think I am going to cum at that thought.  I want two cocks so badly.  

The fun lasted all night and even more in the morning.  Thanks know I need two cocks because I could have just kept going…. ;) 

My evening was so hot!  I hope he makes time to play with me again soon….

My tumblr found friend Mr. Bigcock couldn’t line up his schedule, but hopefully he will soon.  He messaged me one of the first times when I started my tumblr two years ago.  He was younger than most guys I talk to.  I sort of played it off quite a bit, actually a full year.  Last summer we finally met.  As a loyal reader I asked for some imput…..

He said, “I was nervous as hell and just wanted to bend you over and plow you immediately. You were fun and easy to talk to and your shyness was cute. I’m so happy you changed your mind from just wanting to see me. Had I known you actually wanted to play I would have made a move earlier so we could!  I only wish I woulda gotten you naked before you sucked my cock cuz you’re sexy as fuck. I can’t wait to cover you in my cum.”

See we met at the mall and I sucked him off in his car.  I have yet to have him inside my pussy.  Sorta a long distance tease…..

So if the planets would align our schedules this is what I’d love to have happen:

The door opens and they are both waiting to come into my hotel room.  We all sort of chill out on the bed for a bit and make some small talk.  I am nervous, Bigcock is nervous, but Wisconsin is calm and cool….He leans in and kisses me then grabs Bigcock’s hand and places it on my breast to get things started.  

The next thing I know the two men are kissing, fondling, and slowly removing my clothing and their own.  Hands griping and groping me and mouths teasing me.  Soon one is going down on me and another is slowly sliding their massive boner into my mouth while cupping my breasts.

My head is spinning and things get fuzzy as they slowly begin to please me.  Soon it gets more aggressive.  I am being pulled around taking one cock in my mouth the other in my hand.  Switching back and forth as I am getting fingered.  Bigcock is obsessed with my big ass and can’t stop spanking it and jiggling it.

Soon condoms are sliding on and they are taking turns sliding in and out of me.  Both only giving me slow easy thrusts and it is driving me absolutely crazy.  My pussy is dripping with anticipation of full out fucking.  They are both driving me crazy.  They take turns fucking my pussy while I work the other’s dick with my throat and mouth.  Using my hands and barely able to contain my excitement.

It stays like this awhile and then something changes.  They start to thrust deep in both my pussy and throat.  I start to get used by their cocks fucking both my holes.  After the first load covers my face the second cum seconds later covering me even more.

The best part of two cocks is soon one is ready for me to play with again.  This time bigcock starts working my ass over.  Soon I am sucking on them both again while my ass is getting ready.

The feeling of two cocks double penetrating is mind blowing.  After some maneuvering I am having two cocks thrust so fast and deep I am squirting all over the bed and them.

The rest of the evening would be shooting some videos and much more cum.  I want to drain both of them of all their cum…..

Tumblr tell these two boys to get their schedules to line up so they can fuck me!!!!!

Life is good….

Three weeks in a row I have seen traveler…mix in my big cocked special friend and sucking my husband and I am one happy girl….

A text, I’m in the area! Let’s meet I have half an hour…. hop in my car unzip those pants and our mouths entwined….. keep a look out as you recline the chair and let me work that Cock over….the way your cock swells as you press my head down. Pulling me up undoing my bra and sucking on my nipples….. I return to that pulsating cock and lick the precum that is oozing….. I feel the cum building…..and with the a.c. blaring….he explodes into my awaiting mouth. I take it all…..

We compose ourselves…kiss a bit more and talk a little then our time is up…..
God it was hot!

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Happy Two Year Anniversary to My Blog!

Two years ago I created this as an anniversary gift to my husband. It has been a ton of fun! To mark the occasion I spent the afternoon with traveler seeing him back to back weeks! I love summer! Plus had my husband’s cock and a friends between the travler encounters. Time for some dirty stories…..

Thanks to my loyal readers!

New here

But your blog is unbelievably sexy.   Thank you for sharing.

Summer is Here

I am ready to play! Traveler this week, fingers crossed!


"There will be times when I get home, that I will just take what is mine, It would serve you well to remember that Princess!"

Fuck this looks fun.


"There will be times when I get home, that I will just take what is mine, It would serve you well to remember that Princess!"

Fuck this looks fun.